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Student Resources

New to Instinct but NOT a new pilot?  Read here

Training Booking Calendar - now done in the Instinct Pilots FB group.

  1. For 2020, we still don't have a permanent home so we won't be doing weekday evening training until crops come off allowing us to use local cropped fields.
  2. Until then, our only option is for using SOGAs field.  Aero-towing will be priority there as it is SOGAs primary focus.  Students will need to be able to navigate and land consistently on a runway in order to be allowed to fly there so you will need to already at least have your H1 complete and preferably have already flown circuits to be able to lineup the runway.
  3. You are EXPECTED to be there if you signup and don't cancel within 24hrs. Manage your sessions well. Deletions are we know! If you miss a session, we ask that you bring a six-pack of beer out for the ends up getting shared anyways so it isn't a big penalty.
  4. Be sure to watch for updates on our Instinct Pilots FB group.  Assume that NO sessions are a go unless they are confirmed on there.  Feel free to ask for confirmation anytime.  We'd hate to see anyone waste gas driving out to find out the session is a no-go.  If any doubts, txt the group txt number (it is a new number this year so update your contact lists)

Wind Forecasts Use the handy chart below to give an idea of the upcoming forecast for the next few days. We mainly want the light blue bars for the light winds we need and always want the gust factor to be minimal. Once you graduate, the gusts you can handle will be greater but we rarely even tow intermediate pilots in winds over 15kmh.

Exams The rating exams are on the old website and will be found at here   You will need a separate user name for that website.  You can login here.  To create an account, please email Mark and ask.  You can reset your password here